New Ford Falcon revealed tomorrow at 12pm, along with some other motoring sites, reckons that the new “Orion” codenamed Ford Falcon will determine the future of large cars with the Blue Oval badge in Australia. Considering that the BA/BF has been around for over 5 years, some enthusiasts are concerned that computer generated images reveal a car that doesn’t look too different from its predecessors.

Just like the Holden Commodore has been designed for export to left hand drive markets as well as right hand drive markets like our own, this new Falcon probably needs to be designed to facilitate relatively simple conversion to left hand drive and be an appealing possibility to Ford-owned marques in North America. If not, and the Falcon is restricted more or less to Australia, it may well suffer, especially when the new Mondeo has proven to be a more than capable vehicle in the medium size category.

The last thing that Ford need is to have another AU – a car that didn’t really endear itself at all to the public and necessitated the huge revision that was the BA. This time around, HQ may not have the patience nor the willingness to spend the money needed to fix the problem.

For the sake of our auto industry, and the preservation of an iconic Australian name, I hope this is not the case.


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