Kurrajong Hills Golf Course

I played 9 holes at Kurrajong Hills Golf Course this afternoon (no website, so I found a link from a small golf course website). It’s a smallish course with scenic views of the surrounding countryside, and some reasonably challenging golf for most skill levels. Notmany groups were playing today, so I managed to get through my 9 in around a leisurely hour and a half.

Recent rain left the fairways a little bit muddy in places, and a couple of the greens looked slightly patchy, but overall the course presented itself nicely given the conditions. Despite the moisture, the greens ran fairly quickly (much to my detriment – except for the par 3 5th, I either 2 or 3 putted each hole). There is a fair bit of undulation and a couple of pins (particularly the 3rd, the only par 5 on the course, and the 7th hole, a short par 4 with a lake on the right hand side) are invisible from the tee, so you need to look at the hole map at each tee to make sure you know which way you’re hitting. Conversely, the 9th hole (another short par 4) slopes downhill for about 120m before heading uphill another 170 or so metres. It probably plays about 40 to 50 metres longer than the measured distance, so you need at least 1, maybe 2, clubs more than you’d usually hit for your second shot.

Each green is guarded by a bunker, and pin placement generally brought these into play. The sand is fairly rough and densely packed, so escape from these hazards isn’t too difficult, unless your ball is near the lip of a bunker. There’s a little bit of bushland that can come into play on the 1st hole, but if you play straight and not too aggressively, you should be able to hit a good score. Because of the shorter par 4s, the driver should only come out on the par 5 3rd. I used my hybrid 4 or 3 wood on the other par 4s.

Green fees are $18 for 18 holes and $12 for 9 holes, which is reasonably good value for money. I think that the nearby Grose River Golf Course, another 9 holer, is a slightly better quality course, but some better weather would give the course a chance to develop a better consistency of grass on the fairways (which at times almost played like light rough, but that may have been due to less time to maintain over the wet week or so). Nevertheless, if you live nearby, it’s probably worth a visit.

Rating: 3 stars


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