A sorry circus?

News Limited reports that Brendan Nelson fears that a proposed tour of Aboriginal communities by himself and Kevin Rudd may merely become a vehicle for publicity instead of a face to face manner of tackling the issues at hand in the aftermath of the apology that stopped the nation.

I’m pleasantly surprised, if not a bit sceptical of the extent of this “bipartisan” arrangement”,  by the fact that the 2 leaders of the main Australian political parties have joined forces in this manner. Thing is, it’s not as if this tour would be able to avoid the presence of the media in reporting the stories that come out of each community. Some stories almost rely on media intervention for them to become known to the wider community, just like the case of Mrs Lynam that I commented on yesterday. And undoubtedly there are many stories like this that could be told, whether it is to merely make the story known or promote the case for compensation. Emotive interaction cannot override the identification of problems and the solutions to these problems.

I await the response of the face to face meeting that will need to occur between Rudd and Nelson, but who knows – this may be the stepping stone to other worthwhile cooperation between the parties where the situation is meritorious of such cooperation.


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