Good News Week returns to TV!!!

I only read about this in the paper today, but because of the writers’ strike in the US drying up Channel 10’s supply of US series, one of the great satirical programs of the late 90s returned to TV this past Monday. Little has changed from what I’ve seen in the first 10 or so minutes (except for Mikey Robins’ weight loss, Julie McCrossin not featuring, and Paul McDermott extending his singing to the theme song, and I do hope that they can resurrect the show to what it once was – an intelligent, yet slightly irreverent take on current affairs.

Watch the episode here


2 Responses

  1. I saw it, nothing has changed in the show at all, and while it was mildly amusing, and better than Desperate Housewives, it was not much of a step forward for the show. I think I will continue to watch, but doubt others will do the same. Plus it missed something not having Flacco and Sandman there!

  2. I thought Flacco and Sandman detracted from my enjoyment of the show – IMO it wore thin a bit when it branched out into Nite Lite and started looking more like a variety show than a satirical dissection of news events. Hence why I hardly ever tuned into The Sideshow.

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