The Tata Nano

The Indian car manufacturer (and new owners of Jaguar) Tata have unveiled a car that costs just $2500US.

Sure, it’s probably suited to a country where roads are crowded and motorcycles can often be seen to have many more occupants than should be on them. But it just looks…well, puzzling. Surely (even though I can’t imagine it would ever be able to get to a reasonably brisk speed) with those wheelbarrow tyres and a rather squat design, it would leave the occupants at great risk in a traffic accident of even minor proportions. I for one wouldn’t hope to see it on roads where travel is reasonably brisk. With safety features at the cutting edge of technology of a couple of generations ago, it seems that to get the cost affordable, corners have been cut.

I’ll be interested to see what becomes of this rollerskate…erm…car.


One Response

  1. I don’t really think it would survive a wreck in the US. Generally, if you drive a small car in the US you are in the minority (a factor that points to our overwhelming stupidity). However, I think India or China will try to field a $5,000 car in the US in the not too distant future that complies with our safety standards.

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