I <3 Golf

On New Years Day, almost a year after I won a set of golf clubs on eBay for my birthday, I played my first round of golf around the Grose River Golf Course near Richmond. It really is a lovely little 9 hole layout, and naturally, having never ventured onto a course for lack of time, I found it challenging, but brought a score of 51 for the first time around down to 42 the second time around (it’s a par 35). Last Saturday I went back and shot 41 (with about 4 putts lipping the edge of the hole, so it could have been better).

Mark Twain (supposedly) famously said that golf is a good walk spoiled. It’s only spoiled if you get too frustrated at your own game and play patiently, not losing too many balls in the process. Of course I’m not playing golf with the aim of making the PGA Tour, but I do want to improve my fledgling game. In 2008 I want to try and get a round in per week at any golf course that I can get a game at. So far it’s on track! 🙂


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