A lack of unity reflects what we believe about the Gospel…(a finished work some 4 months after the start)

I found this unfinished from ages ago, and considering the path I’ve gone through this past few months, I thought I might as well finish it. (I got up to the word “business”. Plus I’ve decided I need to blog more, since my mind has indeed started to more often reflect the mood that I have given as the title of the blog.

So said Steve in his sermon this evening. I’ve had the chance to reflect on this a little bit, especially on the level of one on one friendship.

Friendship can be a fickle business. As Paul McCartney sang in one of the great songs of all time “Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh I believe in yesterday”. It’s taken on a new meaning for me since one of my most treasured relationships collapsed over issues that I shan’t comment about.

Let me say that this is no means for me to muckrake or seek revenge. It is merely a simple statement of my belief that true friendship cannot remain permanently severed by times of injustice or wrong. Friendship is nothing if one seeks to dictate the interaction between 2 people on their own terms. I remember a song from Sesame Street that had the lyrics “Cooperation makes it happen. Cooperation – working together”. This is a profound phrase – it so clearly demonstrates what the good comes from any sort of friendship where one does not seek to maintain fairness, equality and the like.

I long for this broken relationship to be restored – sure, it probably won’t be to the extent it once was, but to preserve a godly aspect on the simple agape love that people should share for each other, I long for it to happen sooner rather than later. Only the will of God will tell.


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