Andrew Johns – a hero forever tainted?

Does the revelation that rugby league legend Andrew Johns has struggled with a drug and alcohol problem for his career negate his glorious sporting achievements? As I watch an emotionally forlorn figure speaking with Phil Gould on the Footy Show, I don’t know what to think. He looks very, very guilty and ashamed about it, and it’s almost impossible to comprehend that as he brought great joy to the city of Newcastle through his on field deeds, off the field his life was the complete opposite.

In an nutshell,  all I can say is this – exalt people as your heroes and idols at your peril. Just like you and me, they’re fallible and will make mistakes. They may do things that are so amazing and outstanding, but by no means are they worthy of idolism.


2 Responses

  1. My brother brought up this point last night.

    “the fact that he played football when taking drugs that make your concentration lapse shows you how good he actually was that he could still be awesome at football and be on so many drugs”

    And i’m going to sound like the girl who doesn’t watch football here, but honestly, if you are going to base your heroes on how they kick a ball, then its a pretty shallow existence.

  2. […] argue the point – despite his publicised drug problem that was only revealed last year, and that I commented on briefly following the revelation, his on field accomplishments were simply outstanding. Those […]

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