Paul Merrill is a twit

According to Paul Merrill, editor of Australian men’s magazine Zoo Weekly, if you haven’t considered investing in breast augmentation for your girlfriend/spouse, you’re just not being romantic enough. Forget chocolates, flowers, a night out for dinner. The “it thing” is now, thanks to the boffins at this so called magazine, a $10000 breast enhancement procedure.

I know for one that I do not need to invest in any sort of surgery for Lauren, for I love her as God has created her to be. If she saw the need for any surgical procedure, it would be her choice. But I know for certain that I would be a fool to do what the magazine asks to do in order to have the chance of winning this miserable excuse for a prize.

Howard Webster  speaks the truth when he asks whether men would be comfortable if it was the other way around. This whole thing just shows how shallow the male mind can often be, and the desire that one can get to form the perfect physical woman, when in reality it’s the unseen attributes that dictate how special a female companion is.

And my thought on what the most romantic gift is? Each and every moment of time you spend with your spouse/girlfriend, because it is a gift shared with you both, and enriches the relationship so much more than a boob job.


3 Responses

  1. lol… i’m glad you dont think i need a boob job. (hahahahaha)

    But I do agree.. the whole idea is quite preposterous!

  2. Ummm

    I think silence is best for me at this point….


  3. Hey mate

    Missed you today, you down the Oatley way?

    Hope you had a good day

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