Amazing Grace – a brief review

Lauren and I went to see the movie Amazing Grace yesterday, and I for one consider the message behind it to be compelling and challenging.

The story is a retelling of the work of William Wilberforce in the British Parliament and his efforts to see slavery abolished. Evidently, history speaks for itself, with the concept of slavery merely an historical memory.

The thing that inspired and challenged me the most was Wilberforce’s desire and persistence to stand in the face of such opposition and ridicule and promote the abolition of what was a brutal and demeaning culture of slavery. The fact that Wilberforce recognised that he could both serve God and change the world was another particularly compelling thing to consider.

I heartily recommend that people see this film, not only as a “period drama”, but as a snapshot of how a man can be influenced by his faith to be bold and persistent for a cause worth fighting for.


One Response

  1. You have made a compelling case here mate, looking forward to seeing it

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