Another example of the world’s horrendous plight…

Burl Barer writes of what can only be described as a most despicable and gruesome crime. The murdered gentleman is the grandfather of a member of a message board that I am a member of, and I was horrified as I read these graphic details. Please note that the material contained within the link may offend some readers.

Just goes to show the extent of a few things:

  • The loyalty of a child to his or her parents, even thought what his or her parents ask for him or her to do is morally bankrupt. When a parent has such an influence on the behaviour and conduct of a child, such actions cannot be surprising, especially when the parents justifies the request with an incentive
  • The extent of apostasy and sin in this world. Justifiably so, the family of the murdered man would be aggrieved and outraged at the heinous act. I don’t know what the result of police investigations was, but I can imagine that correct justice would be what the family demanded.

With what happens in the world, it’s not surprising that people struggle to see where God is in this world, and if there is a God, why  he’s not active in the world. Such an example of this doubt is summed up in a lyric from a great song by Dave Matthews Band called Seek Up (which in itself portrays the sorry state of affairs in the world and seems to be a snapshot of a typical person struggling to find God):

If at all God’s gaze upon us falls it’s with a mischievous grin, look at him

Is that what he’s doing? The Bible tells us that’s not what he’s doing – God is not far off in the distance; he does care about the people he created. Sin is a reult of what happens when people deny the existence of God as authority and ruler over their lives and decide that life belongs to them. That’s why he sent Jesus – as a sacrifice for our sins and to deliver the promise of eternal life, which far surpasses our earthly mortal lives.

As a Christian, this is what I believe and have faith in. If you’re not a believer in God, or wondering why the world is as it is and are struggling to reconcile it with the presence of God, I have no way of making you decide to do what I have done. The choice is yours to make.


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