Social networking and the world wide web

Lauren sent me an invite to Facebook last night, and, despite personally oathing that I’d never look at the place, I joined up.

I like the way it’s set up in that it is much more real than Myspace, and you can easily track down old friends from school. This is because you’re displaying your actual name as opposed to some fluffy pseudonym/nickname. I really think that it’s a valuable attribute in terms of putting yourself on the line and making yourself accountable, and I’ve only ever seen a similar feature on the Sydney Anglicans message board (of which I am a member) Sure, it has some fluffy features built in, but it looks like a more legitimate website that’s useful for finding people you haven’t seen for ages.

Which leads me to say a little bit on the usefulness of these online communities. Whilst they can be a nice sort of release from the pressures of everyday life, too much of it can be harmful (just like too much of most things can have negative consequences). I know that it has at times dragged me away from more important aspects of my life such as reading the Bible, family, and basically my real life.

It’s important to be in touch with the Internet and the extent to which it influences our lives, but not to let it become our lives, in which case it becomes an idol. It can be both a valuable learning and fact finding tool, but at the same time, with the wide range of unsavoury sites available for browsing, a poison that can destroy lives and relationships. Where do you stand?


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  1. I find it hard too, especially considering many of my friends, (around 60) from my year at school are on here and I have very little contact with them normally, so it can be tempting to get into a big wall to wall with them.

    Its tough, we must live out reality, which includes, not consists of, these networking opportunities

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