Dear John…

I read with interest the presence of an open letter to the Prime Minister coordinated by, where readers of the site are being invited to deliver their feedback on why the Coalition is trailing in opinion polls leading up to the expected Federal Election this year. Of particular note are the general themes of comment from his critics – those being the cost of living, petrol prices, housing affordability and the like. Some people are simply saying that there needs to be a change.

Before I go any further, I shall state that I am in no way affiliated with the Liberal Party, nor any political entity.

I want to draw out for critique a post by “Wicko” – I quote:

Hes gotta go. the bank is charging me credit card 17% for the new TV and me wages arnt gonna go up 17%. I acrnt afford to fill me car more than half and me fags now cost over a dollar. Weve got stge 4 water even tho its been raining and now the septic is overflowing too. And when I fo to the doctor I have to pay him 22 bucks.

Now ease of reading aside, this quote in my opinion shows how uneducated the people of Australia can be. One must assess whether attributes of living are to do primarily with the legislature of the Federal government, the State government, or local government.

The fact that Wicko, along with millions of other Australians, uses credit to obtain luxuries that are more often or not out of their immediate affordability means that he is responsible for his usgae of that credit and accepts that the bank is going to charge him the interest. If he’s unhappy with the 17%, blame your credit lender. Change your credit lender to someone who offers a lower interest rate, or save up your own money to buy goods and services.

Petrol prices – the economic theory of supply and demand is relevant in terms of petrol. Prices are higher now because oil is a perishable resource, and the demand increases as more cars hit the road. I’m happy that prices seem to have settled down in my area over the past few weeks with less extreme fluctuations. Cigarettes…well, they are a health hazard and any sort of increased prices on them are probably justified. People who smoke should be more attentive to the health risks and consider the savings that they would make and how much more money they’d have in their pockets if they quit the “cancer sticks”.

Water restrictions, at least in NSW, are not a federal concern. The states and local legislatures are the ones setting the restrictions, so Wicko should, if he hasn’t already done so, invest in a rainwater tank to harvest the sort of rain that has fallen over the past few weeks, should it return in the future. And doctors (and any other professionals offering their services) need to pay their own bills, so if your doctor doesn’t bulk bill, find one who does.

I think people are misinterpreting what the cost of living really means to them, and I would ask people to question whether they are living beyond their own means. If you’re splurging on luxuries and find that you don’t have enough money to pay bills, shop for food or invest in a house, then in reality you’re probably living beyond your own means and bringing your financial hassles upon yourself, in which case you need to examine your spending. People need to do more looking at themselves before they go apportioning the blame on external influences such as the federal government.

I could go on and on about how careful people need to be, but in the end it’s your vote when the poll comes around. I won’t be seeking change simply because John Winston Howard has been Prime Minister for 12 years. I am happy with the job he has done, when in New South Wales things have fallen apart because the Labor State government has been shirking their responsibilities. I wouldn’t want the voters to get State and Federal issues mixed up to the degree that they blame Howard’s government for issues that the States are primarily responsible for (such as some levels of education and infrastructure). If they do, then that’s their decision, but I simply don’t believe that the Coalition’s performance warrants change.


2 Responses

  1. I wonder if Wicko is a gee up?

  2. Mayhap – I think that whoever is masquerading as this Wicko bloke is probably accurate in describing himself. The same things appear over and over in the open letter anyway.

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