Seagull obesity

About time I bring a bit of a light hearted story to your attention.

It appears that the tradition of throwing scraps of food to seagulls and other birds to eat could be doing damage to their health and fertility, according to a Tasmanian university study. I remember the many times where I’ve picnicked at the beach, eating fish and chips and having a swarm of seagulls hoarding around waiting for me to throw them a hot chip.

Shall I ban this tradition from my own life? Possibly…either that or I’ll carry a healthy piece of food to break into little pieces and throw to the birds instead. It explains why I see so many fat seagulls and pigeons though…

Stay away from the chips!!


One Response

  1. Seriously, seagulls are crafty demons! The do that one legged trick, where you feel really bad, because of their one leg and they can’t get food, so you throw them something and then BAM! they pop out the other leg, catch your food and fly away.

    I never feed them. There are far too many and it’s just all too reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock….

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