Christianity Bugbears #1

Steve has brought a very disturbing Youtube video to my attention. No wonder people can be so closed off to the Gospel when people like Creflo A Dollar, Kenneth Copeland and Brian Houston speak words of such untruth and falsity!

The problem is that it also lures people into the church with false hopes of prospering with material riches and wealth, when in reality the words they speak are manipulations of Scripture. Christianity was, is, and never will be about money. The Christian is blessed, not through what he has now in terms of money and possessions, but through the promise of eternal life through the death of Jesus Christ.

Men and women who speak falsities like this will be judged by the just God of all, but here and now it’s hard to know what the most appropriate method of response is. All I can say is that I will lift these people in prayer, because they are in need of recognising the truth of the Bible, and what following Jesus is all about. Too many people can be greatly hurt and disillusioned by the lies of prosperity, and I just pray that the Lord will reveal the truth of His word to all who are either promoting such fallacy or are being led to believe that this fallacy has truth to it.


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