Big Brother – another celebrity ego trip

Let me first say that I dislike Big Brother with a passion. It is boring, and I have no interest whatsoever in being a fly on the wall of a residence where the movements of its inhabitants are exposed for public scrutiny. It’s old hat, and the quicker that somebody at Channel Ten decides to realise that the fad is well past its use by date, the better.

The reason I’m writing about it though is because of this man:

Grumpybum Sandilands?

He is radio personality and part time TV host Kyle Sandilands. As you can see, he naturally looks a bit negative, and if it weren’t for the starry background I’d suggest it would make a lovely police mugshot. The Sunday Telegraph reports that a stint as a celebrity intruder in the Big Brother household has ended with him departing due to a migraine. Amongst his achievements in the few hours he spent in the household was a tantrum with Big Brother in the diary room regarding the “star treatment” that he wasn’t given.

Thoughts on the show aside, it’s just silly that a guy like him can think he’ll be treated like a star in a house where the nature of the game is supposed to be to make something out of the somewhat lack of creature comforts in the house. Now he has a reputation of being a bit arrogant, and you only have to check out the citations on the Wikipedia page about him to see that he’s not far from controversy.

They call them shock jocks if they can hone their craft as acerbic presenters (such as the late Stan Zemanek, whose witticisms will remain legendary aspects of Australian talkback radio) but Sandilands is nothing more than a shocking jock. There is a lot of talent on Australian radio, be they new to the game or experienced at what they do. Sandilands though seems to be nothing more than a spoilt twit with a rubber mouth that he can’t (or perhaps doesn’t want to) control. Sure, he’ll have his fans, but I’m not one of them. Just like Eddie, he’s presented himself as self centered.

However, as I did before, I can’t look at Kyle Sandilands and his antics without thinking that I too can be similar in my attitude, even though I am by no means a household name (nor really desire to be so).


One Response

  1. You are a houshold name for me mate!!

    I agree, he is a complete joker. Hear him go on with violent talk at the now JJJ brekky crew, Frenzal Rhomb’s Jay and thew Doctor, I’ll post it on my blog cause I dunno how to link here….

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