Celebrity egos and why they don’t surprise me

My first musing relates to Eddie McGuire (a television identity on the Nine Network and president of the Collingwood AFL club), who as reported in the Sunday Telegraph today reportedly sought for his local motor registry top open their doors early so that he could avoid queues and get his driver’s license renewed. His excuse? He’s “a very busy man”.

Who Wants to be an Impatient Millionaire

Now Eddie, it’s all well and good that you have limited time in your day, but the other people patiently waiting in your local RTA are in exactly the same boat. They have families to feed and hours to work, and that means that whatever time they get to renew licenses, rego for their cars, etc. is as limited, and possibly even more limited, than yours. It’s downright rude that you elevate yourself above the other residents of Bondi Junction by virtue of the fact that you are a familiar fac on our TV screens.

Kudos must go to the staff at the Bondi Junction RTA for sticking to their guns and treating Eddie as a regular member of the community. If I was in the queue that day and saw them give in to his demands, I would be rather annoyed, so it’s good that these staff have customer service and protocol at mind. Sure the wait at the RTA (and at many shops, banks, et al) can at times be painfully long, but if there’s one queue, every patron who wants to use the services of the outlet need to wait for their turn.

If I was Eddie, I’d be rather embarrassed by this. All it shows is that he is an impatient man who has scant regard for anyone else but himself. Then again, we’re all like that, aren’t we?


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  1. Very nice look mate, welcome to wordpress, it is so easy to use, and nice and clean.

    Yours looks very stylish. Looking forward to many mutual comments

  2. The best experience I had with the RTA was a car I had to sell, I had to get new rego papers becasue the old ones had been lost. I was in a major hurry and there were literally 4 million people in the RTA. I took a ticket from the machine, only to notice there were two discarded tickets on the top of the machine. Immediately the lights flashed for the number of the discarded ticket, I picked it up, and went straight to the window and got served, you little beauty.

    Maybe fast Eddie everywhere needed my sort of good fortune

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